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In Sweden, there is an authority called SSM that works to promote and prevent people and the environment from the undesirable effects of radiation, now and in the future. In 2018, a new law on radiation protection was introduced, with an increased responsibility for those who conduct radiation operations. Below you can read the new law. Some companies need to apply for a license to conduct radiation operations, while reporting obligations for businesses with low radiation content are sufficient.

There are many laws and regulations that apply to radiation, depending on what type of radiation is intended, how much radiation it is and what type of activity is intended. To make it a little easier for you, we’ve compiled some of the most important laws below that you can also download.

We have also included links to the pages that deal with what applies when starting different types of business, so that you can more easily find those laws.

SSMFS 2018:396

Basic provisions for protection against ionizing radiation. The law also provides answers to what applies to the obligation to obtain a permit, supervision and liability provisions such as fines or imprisonment.

SSMFS 2018:506

The regulation describes current dose limits, requirements for optimization and other provisions on radiation protection.

SSMFS 2018:1

The regulation sets requirements for the organization, protection of employees and the general public and the environment. Also checks of HASS, training and documentation. Definition of HASS can be seen in Appendix 6.

SSMFS 2018:3

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority’s regulations on exemptions from the Radiation Protection Act and on the declassification of materials, building structures and areas. Here, clearance levels are given for different radionuclides.

SSMFS 2018:2

The regulation sets requirements for notifiable activities such as closed radiation sources (not HASS).


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