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Throughout January and February 2019 we delivered 21 glass partitions to the new Danderyd hospital in Sweden. Throughout the project we worked closely with our customer Kungsmontage and developed precision drawings of the glass partitions with both hardened clear glass and Schott RD50 1.5 mm pb glass laminated with tempered glass.


We have delivered complete radiation protection for the new PET-CT treatment clinic in Kristianstad. Wall panels, chevron rails, steel doors, wooden doors and glass partitions were included. At PET-CT clinics, a lot of radiation is generated and we have delivered everything from 2 mm lead thickness up to 20 mm lead thickness in the walls. It is extremely important that the radiation protection is correctly designed and installed. To ensure that the installation is correct, we prepared the drawings and acted as a link between hospital physicists and construction workers.

The considerable thickness of the lead means that the doors are very heavy, this also makes demands on door automation systems. Throughout this project, we cooperated with the company Tormax that offers solutions for this.

Arcoma’s training premises – Växjö

Arcoma has built a room which is used for training when using their X-ray equipment. The radiation protection is 2 mm lead shielding and it is also a requirement that the glass and doors comply with fire class EI30.

We can deliver glass that can handle both X-rays and also comply with fire class up to EI60. For this room we have delivered 2 glass partitions with Schott RD50 X-ray glass and Schott Pyranova60. They have been placed in a white painted steel frame.

We have also supplied 2 mm VISITEK boards for lead shielding in the walls, a wooden double door and a wooden single door.


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