Neutron doors

Neutron doors

VISITEK supplies radiation protection doors (Neutron doors) for Brachy, LINACC, as well as concrete doors for cyclotrons or other applications where radiation protection is required that means the doors weigh more than 1 ton. We are able to handle doors weighing up to 100 tonnes. In those projects, it is important that we are already involved in the planning stage, as there is a lot to take into account. Contact us as early as possible and we will be involved in the planning stage. We can also assist with radiation protection calculations for that type of facility and provide suggestions for door solutions.

This type of door is either made of concrete or with lead/paraffin/boron polyethylene depending on the type of radiation they are supposed to protect against. We take care of the whole with everything from doors, automation, transport, carrying in, assembly, installation and maintenance agreements. All doors are approved according to relevant EU directives.


Strålskydd för medicinska områden

Radiation Protection

for the medical field

For more than three decades, we have been providing doors for rooms with released ionizing radiation. Our accumulated wealth of experience enables us to design reliable facilities and produce them in our own factory; including LINAC-, Afterloading- Therapy room as well as PET CT scan room.

Strålskydd för industrier och forskning

Radiation protection

for industries and research

In our company, we have the necessary know-how to implement your individual requirements with steel constructions and their passage ways. We focus on radiation shielding from ionizing sources such as neutrons or alpha particles because these can cause damage over time if they’re not stopped promptly enough when entering an object’s surface layer.

Service och underhåll

Service and maintenance

We provide reliable services to our customers and ensure that all of the technicians are professionals in their field. Our maintenance jobs will keep your door systems running efficiently for years, usually weighing several tons or providing fire protection at any given time!


Special Projects

Planning, construction, drives

The steel construction and drive controls for your application is what we do best. With our CAD systems, you can be sure that all dimensions will meet code requirements as well as stay within budget without sacrificing quality or performance! Our certified design staff has years of experience with every type of project imaginable- including those EXC 4 buildings need now more than ever before.


Safety standards

of radiation protection doors

The doors at our radiation protection facility are some of the toughest in their industry. They’re built to withstand high kinetic energies, which can cause serious personal injuries when crushing or shearing body parts! All force-powered models have limits on how much weight is applied during closing for safety reasons – these aren’t just empty promises though because each door system also features automatic locks that will lock securely even if you exceed those limitations by accident.


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