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The VISITEK board is used as a radiation shield on light steel or stud walls in healthcare and industry. The standard width of our lead-lined boards is 450 mm for 1 mm and 2 mm, and our 900 mm boards have a 0.5 mm lead thickness.

For a thicker lead lining, the board width is adjusted to obtain a manageable board weight. The height is adapted to applicable requirements. If the ceiling height is very high or thick lead is required, the boards can be split along the length. Boards can be joined by tongue-and-groove. Horizontal joint fittings are not required.

Building shielding wall

Shielding wall design

The most common lead thicknesses are 0.5-2.0 mm laminated on particle board 12-16 mm. When a thicker layer of lead is required, plywood or thicker particle board is used. For greater protection, both wall boards can be equipped with lead-clad boards, with for example 9 mm of lead on each side.

For lead strips in joints, and strips in lead on connecting floors and ceilings and walls made of other materials, please refer to Visitek’s principle drawings.

Suspended ceilings are basically the same as walls. The ceiling panel is connected to the wall board with ceiling corner strips. Floor boards are supplied with a tongue-and-groove joint. When pipe and cable wiring is required, they should be collected together so that as few holes as possible need to be made through the layer of lead. Each hole must be properly sealed to ensure protection from radiation. Please refer to Visitek’s principle drawings for instructions on how to do this. In places where lead plate has direct contact with concrete, the lead plate or concrete should be covered with a paint that does not allow oxygen to pass through.


Shielding wall Easy

In hospital buildings, interior walls normally have a steel framework with two layers of plasterboard on either side. For this type of construction, the inner board would be replaced with one that offers protection from radiation.


shielding wall double

In hospital buildings where many service pipes, electrical sockets and cabinets, etc. are to be fitted in and on walls, we recommend that the radiation protection be placed in the middle of the wall. In this way, holes in the lead lining and refinishing work can be avoided.


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